Monday, November 28, 2005

US Lawmakers Protecting Personal Data Privacy

The Senate Commerce Committee has approved the Identity Theft Protection Act and has another bill titled the Data Accountability and Trust Act in Committee of the House of Representatives. Now the Personal Data Privacy and Security Act is in draft form to be considered soon.

All of this is a result of the spate of data leaks, thefts and losses to criminals over the last year or so. This long overdue response to the cavalier attitude of commercial enterprises holding sensitive, personal and financial data on millions of American citizens. This is a welcome and positive step toward protecting financial and personal information held by companies.

Commercial data loss, leaks, and hacks went entirely unreported until California passed a disclosure notice requirement law for financial institutions. That in turn touched off national disclosure on major commercial data loss cases and prompted state level laws nationwide and demands for federal disclosure laws. That is finally coming to fruition and we'll see federal disclosure protections across the U.S.

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